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Do you have a deep sense that your life was meant for more - that YOU were meant for more - than the life you're living?

Welcome to Luzami
your pathway to a more enlightened life

health • happiness • love

I believe the most beautiful gift you can give yourself is the permission to CHASE WILDLY AFTER YOUR DREAMS!

I'm Cali-Jāz and I've just launched my new,
on-line business which I call "Luzami"

(from the Spanish phrase "luz a mi" which means 'light to me')
I'm here to convince you that your DREAMS are worth CHASING.
And I'm here to show you how you can create more

happiness, health, love and abundance

I've created a set of on-line courses designed to help anyone craft the life of their dreams... I call this practice "Conscious Creation" and I'd love to tell you more about it! But first, let me tell you the story of how I got "here"...

My Escape to True Freedom

9 years ago I chose to flee my home, my country, my family and my friends. This would mark the beginning of what I would call "the most difficult and trying time of my life". Just two years prior I had purchased a beautiful house in Culver City (a suburb on Los Angeles' West Side). I had found my dream home and I imagined I'd be living there for many years to come. However, as fate would have it, I would only live there for two short years as I enjoyed the fruits of my labor that I'd spent many years cultivating... I had a successful career as the owner of my own software consulting firm, I had my lovely new home, I had a precious 3-year old son, and I had a wonderful community of family and friends. My life was what you might call "perfect". Looking back from here, I can see that even through all the pain, suffering, fear, uncertainty and trauma that would follow, it was always totally perfect. After all, that long and difficult journey led me here. And while I wouldn't want to "go through all that again", I definitely wouldn't trade what I have now for the life I was living 10 years ago.

Sometimes we really do have to lose (almost) everything in order to begin again. This is the story of how I found Conscious Creation at the depths of my despair... and how it saved me.


My courses are a fusion of many different teachings and techniques that I've studied, practiced and experimented with for the past 10 years. They include, but are not limited to: The Silva Method, NLP, EFT, Art Therapy, Sound Healing, Somatic Experiencing, and the teachings of Abraham-Hicks, Joe Dispenza, Tony Robbins, Alan Watts, Wim Hof, Jack Canfield, Louise Hay, Eckhart Tolle, Don Miguel Ruiz, Osho, and Carl Jung, just to name a few...

After years of dedicating myself to searching, studying, training, and applying the principles that I'd learned, I started to connect the dots across the various disciplines in a unique and powerful way. Little by little, I began to "see" things and to have inspirational insights that delivered the life changes I had been searching for. And, as I began sharing my techniques with others, I found that they, too, were able to apply these techniques and principles with great success.

Prior to beginning this journey into the world of vibration, energy, the quantum field, and conscious creation, my almost 20 years of experience in software programming allowed me to understand that our minds, like computers, are running on programs. Reprogramming is fundamental in order to upgrade your consciousness (your life). We are who we think we are. In order to become someone different, we must think differently. And in order to think differently, we need to change our programming.

My program has been designed to guide you through the process of crafting your dream life... helping you to become your own master as you master the practice of Conscious Creation.

My program will help you to...


  • Break Habits that are No Longer Serving You

  • Create New Habits that Take You in the Direction of Your Dreams

  • Raise Your Vibrational Point of Attraction (law of attraction set-point)

  • Understand Why You do the Things You Do and How to Heal Negative Patterns

  • Consciously Design an Environment that Fosters Your Alignment

  • Heal the Traumas that are Energetically Sabotaging Your Success

  • Find Clarity on Who You Truly Are and What is Your True Purpose in Life

  • Learn How to Make the Law of Attraction Work for You (vs. Against You)

  • Develop a Deeper Connection to Your Inner Voice and to Your Authentic Self

  • Understand the importance of vibration, energy and the quantum field

  • Expand your current level of consciousness

  • And much, much more...

Did you know...?

You create your life with your consciousness.

What you think about, pay attention to,

focus on, and choose to believe...

whatever goes on in your mind,

is what becomes your reality.

adapted from a quote by Anthon St. Maarten











Whether you're seeking more...

 You CAN craft the life of Your Dreams

Have you ever wondered what it is that makes you, YOU?

Is it the experiences you've had in your life? Your relationships? Your physical body?

Is it your memories? Your thoughts? Your beliefs?

Would you be the same person if you'd never met your best friend, or your partner?

What is it that makes you, you? And is it possible to intentionally become a more aligned, happier, healthier, more expanded version of yourself?

Yes, of course it is!

My on-line courses can show you how!

The program will show you that it is possible, and that no matter what you want to change about yourself or your life, and no matter how many times you've tried and failed in the past, there is a process for change that works, and it is not as difficult as you may think.


You are far greater than your current identity, and you have the potential to create any life you choose...

To BE anyone you choose.

Are you interested in knowing how?

Course Creator & Instructor


Mother, entrepreneur, inspiration advocate, on-line educator, content creator, activist, nature-lover, motivational speaker, musician, artist, dancer, writer, dreamer, visionary, and lover of life.

Want to get to know me better? you can check out my free
21-Days of Positivity Challenge
click here

(guaranteed to bring more happiness and positivity into your life :)


     I spent years trying to conform and to fit myself into a mould that made sense by society's standards - constantly trying to live up to the image I held of myself from my early years of conditioning. It was only when I realized that I could choose the person I wanted to "be", and that I could redefine the parts of myself that were no longer serving me, that my life began to blossom and I found true peace and happiness.

I'm passionate about enlightenment, healing, personal growth, conscious creation, philosophy, the laws of the universe, and the mysteries waiting to be discovered in the esoteric spiritual and energetic realms. I'm passionate about sharing my experience and inspiring others (like you ☺) to create the best versions of themselves (by their own standards) so that they can find happiness, health, and true love in their relationships.


I enjoy spending my time making music, thinking of ways to help people to heal and grow, dancing, connecting with nature, talking philosophy and sharing ideas, and I consider myself a forever student of life.


I would love to meet you, if you feel called to these courses! I promise, regardless of who you are and where you are in your life right now, together we can help you get your life back on track so that you can create more happiness, health and wellness in your life. There's never a better time than now to begin consciously creating YOUR future. 

I've Been There, Too...

(a note from me to you)

I wish I had found a program like this 10 years ago when I first started trying to apply the Law of Attraction and Conscious Creation to my life. I can't tell you how many times I tried to break habits or create new habits, only to find myself back in my old patterns - feeling terrible about myself.

I remember feeling lost, hopeless, and annoyed with life. I remember thinking that the best part of my life had already passed me by. I remember looking around myself and my life with a feeling of stuckness and frustration. None of it was bringing me happiness or joy or satisfaction. And no matter how hard I tried to consciously create change, I just couldn't seem to make it happen.

I wish I would have had someone there to tell me that everything I was feeling was normal and okay, and to take me by the hand and lead me out of that dark place. I wish I would have had the knowledge I have now - because the "me" back then was doing it the hard way -- the impossible way. I was making it so much more difficult than it needed to be.

After years of struggling, I finally started to crack the code. I eventually started to understand Conscious Creation from a broader perspective, and little by little, I began developing this program and helping others to apply these principles to their lives. Now, it brings me so much joy to help people realize their DREAMS! I love helping people learn how to become the person they long to be. I'd love to help you, too!


You came here to live an EXTRAORDINARY LIFE.

You came here to chase your DREAMS and to be HAPPY.

You deserve a FULFILLING and ABUNDANT life.

There is no better feeling than the feeling of being in control of your life. When you wake up with a purpose and a knowing that you are the captain of your own ship, your life will transform into a magical place full of excitement and possibility and wonder.

I BELIEVE in YOU, and I'd love the opportunity to help YOU BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.



"After my first experience with Cali's courses several years ago, I was hooked. My life has changed dramatically since then. I went from being a stay-at-home-mom who dreamed of losing weight and getting in shape to now operating my own business as a Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach. The program works if you make your mind up to "just do it!"

I continue using the tools to grow myself consciously and to continually create the best version of "me" I can be."

Lourdes, Fitness Coach

Grey Wall

"Cali-Jāz is the best instructor I have ever had. She knows how to guide the energy of the group to where it needs to go. Her course is fun and healing. Without realizing it, she takes you to a new YOU. Thank you!"


"This course has been very enjoyable for me. It has made me connect with my responsibility to my life, and to become aware that I came to this life to live it, enjoy it, and love it.

Thank you thank you thank you!"


"The 'Creating You' course has helped me connect with my own creative power. I felt cared for at all times and driven to move in the direction of my dreams. It is an easy method for creating change and I have really enjoyed it. I am very grateful to Cali-Jāz for being such a wise and sensitive person."


"This course has given me the tools I needed to reach my goals in an easy way. I have been able to get to know myself better and have learned how to navigate the habits and beliefs that limit me on a day-to-day basis. I highly recommend this course.

Cali-Jāz is pure love."



"When I started my journey of becoming my own identity architect, I wasn't so sure about it. But, I was at a point in my life where I had reached burn-out and really didn't even see the point of life any more. Little by little I became more conscious and more self aware, accepting my fears and transforming them into my personal growth and empowerment.  Now, every day is a new opportunity for living a happier, healthier,  and more fulfilling life. I feel like the captain of my own ship, knowing that the only person who can take me where I want to go...

is me."

Mali, Musician

Is the LUZAMI Program right for you?

This program IS for you if...

  • You know that your life was destined for more.

  • You have big dreams you'd like to manifest in your future.

  • You want to make the most of this gift that is your life.

  • You feel called to make a difference in the world.

  • You've embarked on your spiritual awakening and are ready to become DIVINE.

  • You know that your greatness is waiting to be set free.

  • You are tired of feeling stuck in your life situation.

  • You are ready to master the Law of Attraction.

This program is NOT for you if...

  • You believe that it's impossible for you to change.

  • You are unwilling to adopt new ways of thinking and being.

  • You prefer to make excuses rather than to make changes.

  • You refuse step out of your comfort zone and try new things.

  • You think that happiness and success in life come from luck.

  • You would rather complain about your life than to try new strategies or try thinking out of the box.

  • You think all this "new age stuff" is definitely not for you.

  • You are perfectly happy with your life right now.

Are you ready to take the next step?

Sign up today, and get ready for greatness!

What are you waiting for?

You came here to live an Extraordinary Life!

You Might Be Thinking...


Will this program work for me?

Regardless of who you are and your unique life circumstance, this program will give you the tools you need to consciously create the life of your dreams. If you sign up, show up, and do the work, you will receive amazing results. The program is here to work for you... to guide you through the journey of creating a beautiful life.


How much time will I need to invest in this program?

The minimum time commitment required for the first module in the program is about 30 minutes per day. If you can commit to dedicating these 30 minutes each day, you will get results. And, as you move through the program you'll find that this small investment of time will be rewarded and returned with interest as aspects of your life begin to change and become more fluid and easy. As with anything in life, the more you put into something, the more you get back in return.


If I sign up today, when do I start?

The next course begins on Febuary 20, 2023!


How is this course different from others?

These courses have been designed to help you "hack" your subconscious beliefs which are the main hurdles that keep you from living the life that you desire. Many other courses out there teach you the "what", but these courses focus more on the "why" and the "how", and on giving you practical, creative and uplifting shortcuts to help you reach your goals faster and to keep you there once you arrive.


I have trouble sticking with anything... will I be able to do this?

I used to struggle with this, too. But once I learned the "why" behind my inability to stick with something, it enabled me to create a fool-proof plan for staying on track, which I'll share with you. Once you have clarity (and you will), you'll find it easy stick with the program because you'll know you're heading in the direction of your dreams. I'll support you all through your journey, and you won't get left behind.


Will I have support as I go through this course?

Yes!!! You will be supported every step of the way. You'll become a member of our private Facebook group with other students - and we will all be supporting each other there with questions, ideas, encouragement, etc. We will also have a weekly live group coaching call where you can chat live with me, asking me questions, talk about areas you may be struggling with, and so on.


Should I invest my time and money in this course?

When you invest in this course, you invest in yourself. How much do you spend annually on the "things" in your life that actually take you in the direction away from your dreams? Things like Netflix, Starbucks, social media, etc. When I decided to begin investing my time, energy and money in myself, I calculated the amounts of time, energy and money I was spending on things that didn't actually bring me joy and it was shocking.


How long do I have access to the course?

Each course in our program offer lifetime access. Additionally, as the courses and modules will continue to be updated, you'll also have access to all updates as well!


How does your money back guarantee work?

You'll have 10 days from the scheduled course start date to request a full refund. Simply send an email within the 10-day period requesting your refund, and your refund will be issued within 10 business days.


If I have other questions before joining, how can I reach support?

If you have questions before joining, I'd love to hear from you! You can contact me and I'll get back to you asap.

Copyright 2023 Luzami. All rights reserved.

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