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Out of the Labyrinth,
Into the Heart

a gathering of souls

(something like a retreat)

"Creative Beings stand between the end and the beginning. Between the beginning

and the end is time. Between the end and the beginning is eternity."

The Angel's Answer, Gitta Mallasz

Between one world and another there is a realm of infinite possibilities, where a Creative Being can shape his or her creation. When one enters this place they must strip themselves of the "known" in order to make room for the l'm-possible. the essence that inhabits each of us and that is longing to become manifested.

We are Cali-Jāz and Irinanna, and we have been walking the intermediate spaces of creation for years.

Artists of life and soul.. Apprentices and teachers... One a sacred clown, the other an artkimist.

Our offering to you is a quantum journey into the deep spaces of your being that you have not yet explored or those that you want to embody even more... inviting you to rewrite the story of your life from the gaze of the soul. Your life is a unique and epic adventure.

Between us, we will craft the map that leads to the treasure.

MAGIC is manifested when the SOUL leads...


Gathering Menu

This gathering is designed such that you will be a co-creator of our adventure. This offering invites you to bring all that has come before you... your lineage... your life experience... your soul's journey... We will create the space in which you are your own master, as all that you need can be found within. Together, we will venture into the unknown... confronting our fears and exploring what lies on the other side of our limits.

The space we will create to facilitate our individual evolutions will include an offering of many different experience-based activities. Outlined below are a few hints as to what you might encounter as we make our way out of the labyrinth and into the heart.  






      Family Field    Rituals   


Time to





 Dream World


      Free Your Voice
           Your Epic Story
  Divine Union




this Gathering is
for You if...

 You want to break the chains you've been carrying for so long (even if you don't know how you got them)

 You want to explore the characters that inhabit you without fear, judgment or modesty, as if no one is watching. Far from judging you, we will encourage you to dive into the underworld and let your shadow out to play.

 You want to re-write the story of your life into an epic and heroic tale where YOU are the writer, the director, and the main character, and the reader


 You are ready to learn the language of the soul so that you can break free from the prisons of the mind and begin living from the heart.


 You are ready to unveil your divine nature and embody the entirety of your sacred being.

The Practical Details

15 to 21 September 2023

Arrival between 15h-17h on the 15th allows time for check in and to get settled in the space before we gather together at 18h for an opening ceremony of welcomes, introductions, and setting intentions for our journey together. After, we will share an evening meal, followed by a time for inner connection and reflection before turning in for a good night's rest.

From the 16th thru the 20, we will journey together into a world of dreams, healing, connection, rebirth and recreation, as we navigate our way through the labyrinth that keeps us trapped in our patterns, cycles, and identity. Each of us seeking to break through our individual barriers, pushing past our limits, finding our way to new sides of ourselves, inviting the spirit of expansion and healing to guide us into the realm of the heart.

And on the 21st, we will have our final gathering just after breakfast where we will share in a closing ceremony... giving ample time and space for long good-byes, a final bath in our healing river, time to explore the lovely village of Olba, and a gentle easing back into the flow of our individual lives.

Our gathering will be held at:

El Molino de Olba, Teruel, Spain

a paradise surrounded by nature, situated alongside a river,

waiting to carry you away...

If you are traveling from abroad, you will want to fly into the airport in Valencia. After registration we can assist you with travel planning if needed. If you are driving, please let us know and directions will be provided.

Our passion for evolution has led us down the more conscious path of Gift Economy... a philosophy that inspires us as it is based on a collective trust that invites us all to push past the illusion of separation and contribute what we can in confidence that others will do the same. This framework offers us freedom and sovereignty in the face of choices. In the end, we are one.


For this gathering we propose five contribution options. The per-person cost of this retreat is the one corresponding to the element of Earth. We invite you to authentically feel which of these options is right for you in this moment. Remember that life is a great and epic game, and that each movement has its own special and magical meaning on the board. Whichever option you choose will be perfect as it is in resonance with your heart.  

Contribution Options:

Giving an Water Contribution of 540€

Giving an Air Contribution of 630

Giving a Earth Contribution of 720

Giving a Fire Contribution of 810

Giving an Ether Contribution of 900


The Fire and Ether contributions will be used to balance the Water and Air contributions, and any excess above that will be used to invest in future gatherings.

Includes: Accommodation in shared quarters, all meals and all activities.

After completing your registration, you will receive confirmation as well as additional information such as what to bring, travel tips, how to best prepare for this experience, etc. 

Meet Your Journey Guides

Would You Like More Info?

If you're interested but would like more information before signing up, you can contact us and we will be delighted to answer any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you!


Tell us a little about yourself, and why you'd like to attend this gathering...

Indicate your contribution selection:
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Once you "Submit" your registration, you will receive an invoice within 24 hours at the email address you've provided.

Please check your spam folder.

After receiving the invoice, please process the payment as soon as possible to ensure your place in the retreat.

When payment has been received, you will receive confirmation via e-mail, including your welcome package.

We look forward to joining our hearts

and daring to journey together into the unknown where Dreams are made.

© 2023 by LUZAMI. All rights reserved.

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